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  1. Centralized Bug Tracking

    I liked many things about working at Yahoo. I’m coming to realize that what I (in hindsight) like most is probably the piece of software I thought about the least positively, namely Yahoo’s mostly centralized and completely open bug tracking system: Bugzilla. We abused it more than a bit, attempting to layer task and project management on top of a system that wasn’t really designed to support it, but all told, Bugzilla made my work life better.

  2. Some Thoughts Regarding Caja

    Yesterday, Yahoo! made some announcements regarding The Future™ of many of their high profile properties. Specifically, they’re (slowly) opening up, enabling third-party developers to build applications that can be seen on and interact with your My Yahoo! page, or your mailbox. I think this is a great step, and one I wish they’d made before they laid me off.

  3. Generating Etags for static content using Nginx

    Nginx is a brilliant little HTTP server that I’m using on this website to quickly serve static content. It bothers me a (very) little that it doesn’t correctly generate Etag headers for static content, however. I’m attempting to remedy that oversight by releasing an Nginx module: nginx-static-etags.