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  1. Debugging runtime errors with 'window.onerror' in Blink

    After working with Blink’s implementation of window.onerror a little bit over the last week or so, I’m somewhat amazed that anyone ever used it for anything at all. Happily, we’ve made some big improvements in the last week or two that I think it’s worth highlighting here.

  2. Intro to IndexedDB

    Yesterday at the Silicon Valley GTUG meetup, I gave a presentation introducing the IndexedDB API. I’ve thrown the slides on Slideshare, but the transcription there is absolutely miserable. I’ll reproduce it here in a readable format, and add a few notes where appropriate.

  3. JSLint needs some Bad Parts

    One of the few tools that I consider truly indispensable when developing websites is JSLint. Too bad it’s almost impossible to contribute back to the project, and that the project’s run by someone who “will hurt your feelings.”

  4. A JavaScript Detection Pattern

    Progressive enhancement of our sites and applications has become a relatively well accepted best practice for web development. This article outlines a technique I’ve used successfully to ensure that core functionality is available without JavaScript, while maintaining a quality experience for the majority of users with JavaScript enabled.

  5. Asynchronous Execution, JavaScript, and You

    I spent more time than I care to admit this afternoon tracking down a bug in some relatively straightforward jQuery code. As it turned out, I was overlooking my error because I was thinking about my code in absolutely the wrong way.

  6. Some Thoughts Regarding Caja

    Yesterday, Yahoo! made some announcements regarding The Future™ of many of their high profile properties. Specifically, they’re (slowly) opening up, enabling third-party developers to build applications that can be seen on and interact with your My Yahoo! page, or your mailbox. I think this is a great step, and one I wish they’d made before they laid me off.