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  1. I'm on Technikwürze

    I sat down with Technikwürze’s Marcel Böttcher way back at the beginning of February to talk about the exciting new release of Chrome 9 to the stable channel, and a few other bits and pieces of the Chrome ecosystem. That interview (in German) is just now seeing the light of day as Technikwürze 178. After listening to it last night, I think it generally went pretty well, modulo a few small mistakes on my part.

  2. Intro to IndexedDB

    Yesterday at the Silicon Valley GTUG meetup, I gave a presentation introducing the IndexedDB API. I’ve thrown the slides on Slideshare, but the transcription there is absolutely miserable. I’ll reproduce it here in a readable format, and add a few notes where appropriate.

  3. Some Thoughts Regarding Caja

    Yesterday, Yahoo! made some announcements regarding The Future™ of many of their high profile properties. Specifically, they’re (slowly) opening up, enabling third-party developers to build applications that can be seen on and interact with your My Yahoo! page, or your mailbox. I think this is a great step, and one I wish they’d made before they laid me off.