18 articles and links tagged with “JavaScript

  1. Just back from London

    I’m back from London after @media Ajax with some security papers for you to read, and not much else yet.

  2. Escaping Curly Braces in XSLT Attributes

    Curly braces in the attributes of XSLT document’s elements are interpreted as XPATH expressions to be evaluated. This sometimes causes problems…

  3. How do I unit test a website?

    Unit testing seems like an unqualified good, I’m just not sure how to apply the concepts to my work.

  4. DataRequestor - Version 1.6

    After a brief (ha!) hiatus, DataRequestor’s 1.6 release fixes many outstanding bugs. Grab it now!

  5. Scope in JavaScript

    My latest article for Digital Web, ‘Scope In JavaScript’, is up and waiting for you to read it.

  6. Quick Optimization

    DOM calls are expensive; this article walks through one quick way to optimize them out of your code.

  7. DataRequestor 1.6.1 - Ajax without the confusing API

    DataRequestor is a JavaScript wrapper for the XMLHttpRequest object that enables the trivial implementation of dynamic interfaces without the painful necessity for a complete page-refresh to talk to the server. It’s Ajax without the confusing API.

  8. Type-Ahead search for select elements

    An expansion of earlier unobtrusive JavaScript articles: this time we’re adding type-ahead search functionality to SELECT elements.