19 articles and links tagged with “HOWTO

  1. Fun Apple Remote Tricks

    Funny, funny coworkers can be stymied by pairing your Apple Remote with your mac.

  2. Benchmarking Your Site with `http_load`

    http_load is a great benchmarking utility that gives you a quick overview of your web server’s performance. This article describes how to install and use it.

  3. Locking Your Mac

    My coworkers love playing pranks on poor, unlocked computers. This is the method I’ve decided on to quickly and securely walk away from my Mac.

  4. Building SSHKeychain as an Intel Binary

    I’ve seen a few Universal Binary builds of SSHKeychain floating around, but I’m paranoid, so I built my own. It’s easier than I expected.

  5. Building Subversion 1.4.3 for OS X

    Metissian’s pre-build Subversion binaries are out of date, and Dan Benjamin’s excellent guide to building Subversion yourself runs into a wall for 1.4+. You, however, are an impatient pioneer. You want to build the latest stable (impatient, not _imprude

  6. Starting out with the SVK Version Control System

    SVK is a version control system that sits on top of a Subsverion, CVS, Perforce, etc. repository, and provides the promise of a common interface. Here’s how to install it on OS X.

  7. Serverless SVN Repositories

    You don’t need a powerful SVN server in order to reap the benifits of version control. This article explains how to set up repositories on any machine you have SSH access into.

  8. You heard me: `leave`!

    leave is a brilliant little utility that annoys you at a pre-specified time until you log out.

  9. Install SQLite Locally on OS X

    SQLite is a nice little database engine that can be incredibly fast as a website backend. Installing it on OS X is equally quick.

  10. Virtual Hosting on OS X

    Setting up virtual domains on your local OS X Apache installation is pretty easy. Here’s a quick description of the process.

  11. Subversion Post-Commit Hooks 101

    The “Hello World!” of Subversion post-commit hooks is the use of SVNnotify to send e-mails out to a project team every time a new revision is committed to the repository. This is easier than it sounds.

  12. Working with Subversion File Properties

    Subversion has a very powerful system for associating metadata with the files you have under version control. This article describes how to automate the process of adding properties to the files you put under version control using auto-props.

  13. Leveraging `mod_rewrite`

    I have three kinds of mod_rewrite rules in my .htaccess file, this article explains each, and lays out best practices for managing your site’s URL scheme.

  14. Preparing a Mac for Resale

    Describes the easy process of setting up a mac for resale (patches, etc) while keeping the Setup Assistant experience for the new owner.