Accessibility Tips from Mike Davies

One of the supreme pleasures of my job is the simple chance to work with real experts in the field on a daily basis. Mike Davies, for example, knows an incredible amount about building accessible websites, and never hesitates to share his opinions with the rest of us. He’s an innovative developer in many other ways, but this is a particular area of expertise.

Just this week, he’s gotten started a new site, Accessibility Tips, that is absolutely worth sticking in your RSS reader. It looks like it’s going to be a brilliant resource, codifying best practices for building clean and accessible websites in an easy to understand, and well justified manner.

He’s got 4 articles up so far, and I’m already finding myself filing bugs against the sites I work on to put in some quick fixes. “Providing Link Text” might well have been custom-written as a quick reminder that my baby needs work. :)

Nicely done, Mike.