Presentation: Love the Terminal

When Murray and Norm solicited talks earlier in the year for the Yahoo! Frontend Summit, they somehow neglected to mention that the presentations would end up being hour-long blocks. :)

Regardless of the unexpected length, I really enjoyed giving this talk, and it was better attended than I expected. There’s a distinct stereotype of the command line as a dull wasteland, only suitable for hardened sysadmin types; I think that’s absolutely wrong, as it’s a critical part of my daily work. I’m glad I got a chance to share the basics, and happy to get some positive feedback about the presentation itself.

Since my talk wasn’t recorded (I think mine was the only talk not to be recorded… technical problems, or sinister conspiracy?!), I’m in the process of writing it up in article form. For now, I’ve thrown the slides up on slideshare (which is wonderful, by the way (even if the embed markup is suboptimal)). You can view it there, or download the PDF and some related bits directly.