Looking forward to @media

Hello, Internet… It’s been a while.

I’m hopping a plane to London tomorrow to get into town in time for @media Ajax on Monday (which, by the way, has a truly stunning lineup. You totally should have bought tickets before they sold out). I haven’t been to a proper conference since SxSW in 2005, which was a prelude to the most productive period of my professional life. Here’s hoping that the conference atmosphere and rarified London air gives me the kick in the ass I’m looking for to get out of the rut I think I’ve fallen into.

The conference is Monday and Tuesday. I’l be working from the London office the rest of the week, which should be entertaining, if nothing else. I’ve got a whole list of people there I need to chat with for one reason or another, and I’m looking forward to making the rounds in person instead of via IM.

In any event, it should be a good week.