Short-form Link Blogging

Blogging is hard for me, mostly because I have an irrational desire to make each of my posts important and interesting. In my head, these terms somehow conflate into long, which puts up a pretty large barrier to actually getting useful content onto the site. I have a few half-completed (which is a kinder way of saying “partially started”) articles lying around my subversion repository that I simply haven’t made time to finish, and I’ve got a few more ideas skittering around my head that I haven’t made time to even sketch out yet. I will eventually do the work to turn those into passable articles (making time to write again is my New Year’s Resolution, after all… *sigh*), but for the moment, I’ve been looking for a quick way to keep the site interesting during my creative downtime. I think a Gruberesque linkfest is the answer.

Since I’m employed by Yahoo, I’ve begun using as a dogfood experiment, and I’ve decided that I like it. It’s a great bookmarking tool (especially in combination with the glorious Pukka), but I’m not sure it’s suitable as a blogging tool. 255 characters just aren’t enough, especially if I throw links into the mix. I’m convinced of the creativity-enhancing powers of limitations, but the link-based, short-form blogging tool I have in my head should be more “mini” and less “nano.”

But, in the interests of doing something until I get something more suitable worked out, I’m redirecting my bookmark RSS feed to Subscribe if you’re interested. :)