I am a Super Early Bird. Are you?

I just got a verification e-mail from Vivabit, confirming that they were successfully able to remove money from my bank account in exchange for lovely tickets to the @media Ajax conference in London this November. I’m excited.

The speaker list looks quite exciting (Douglas Crockford, Derek Featherstone, Jeremy Keith, Peter Paul Koch (PPK), etc.), and I’m honestly just thrilled to be doing the conference thing again. SXSW 2005 (has it been that long already?) was brilliant, inspiring, and was followed by some of the most productive weeks of my professional life. With luck, I’ll be able to capture that innovative spirit somewhere in a session, or (more likely) a pub afterwards. :)

So, who else is going? And what’s the best nearby pub for after-session (between-session? :) ) discussions?