Words Escape Me

I have writer’s block. Or writers’ block. A block that effects writers. Writers, that group of which I am currently not part. So maybe it’s just a block.

I have block.

I’m in a position where I should have tons to write about. I should be overflowing with ideas, and overwhelmed with exciting activities and projects that do nothing but fill my head with wonder, and force me to learn, force me to go beyond my current skillset, and to branch out in new directions. But I’m not. I’m a little bored, to be honest. We’ve more or less wrapped up the project I’m on, and we’ve done it with very little real input on my part. Sure, I’ve done a ton of work, and spent nights and weekends getting things done, but none of it has been creative. The creative work was done before I got there. The interesting problems left to tackle were outside my role’s scope.

I helped whenever I could inject myself into the process; that was fun.

I talked to Lawrence about it this morning, I’m confident that I’ll be doing things soon. There are some interesting projects with a lot of potential on the horizon, and some interesting extensions to current project that might be enabled in the near future. There’s simply a ton of opportunity at Yahoo.

I’ve spent the last 6 months learning the internal systems, and becoming proficient at the process of working at Yahoo. I’m hopeful that the next 6 months will present challenges; I hope that I’ll be learning enough to be able to write valuably again.

Also, and unrelatedly, I watched the first two episodes of Heroes today on the train. The show looks good. I’m going to have to track down the rest of the episodes for the way back… iTunes Music Store? Meet my credit card. :)