Stopgap Solution

I have purchased the largest phone ever.

My new-to-me Treo 600 showed up today, and it’s huge. And heavy. But it’s a reasonable (and dirt-cheap) alternative to the iPhone, especially given that the latter isn’t coming out in Europe for months… It probably has a battery that won’t die after a day and a half like my current phone, and it’s jam-packed with Palmy goodness. I’ll finally be able to sync my address book with my cell phone and carry around all my numbers ever. You’ve no idea how valuable that is until you, say, lock yourself out of your apartment without your landlord’s phone number. Which I absolutely didn’t do yesterday.

That said: it’s huge. Did I mention that? Makes me hope the iPhone really feels a bit sleeker… I’m not even sure the Treo’s going to fit in my pockets (Update: It fit. And the iPhone’s almost half the thickness… so I’m still looking forward to it).