I Wonder What This Button Does

This morning, I can happily announce the publication of my latest article, “I Wonder What This Button Does”, in the 220th issue of A List Apart.

The article is a fairly light and non-technical look at my favourite development tool: Subversion. I hope this introduction to revision control inspires a few of you to dive in and try things out in your own projects. I think you’ll be shocked both at how easy it is to get things going in a revision controlled environment, but also at how freeing it is, knowing that you no longer have to worry about irrevocably breaking something.

After reading the article, I hope you’re looking for a little more information about getting started with Subversion. There’s really no better general-purpose resource than “Version Control with Subversion”. It’s got all the information you’ll need to get started, and goes into far more breadth and depth than you’ll probably ever need.

Additionally, I’ve collected a few articles that pinpoint specific pieces of Subversion, detailing methods for tweaking Subversion to meet your needs. Enjoy!