Digital Web and Me

If we were at a party together, you and I, I’d be single-mindedly focused on finding the chance to casually drop some news into our conversation. You’d be impressed both by my announcement, but also by the coolness of my demeanor, as though I myself was unimpressed by this tidbit, as though opportunities like this one fell into my lap on a bi-weekly basis. Your opinion of me would certainly improve. Sadly, we’re not at a party together, and I doubt that the fawningly ecstatic blog-post I’m writing will convince you that I’m not terribly excited about the fact that I’m now a part of Digital Web Magazine’s editorial team.

I doubt I need to inform you that Digital Web Magazine is a brilliant repository of information for web professionals. The consistent quality of the publication is impressive, and it’s been a weekly read for me ever since I started getting serious about programming for the web. I’m delighted to begin assisting Nick Finck, Krista Stevens, and Carolyn Wood in the effort to seamlessly continue the production of a resource greater than the sum of it’s parts.

I’m still learning the ropes, but there’s a good deal more that I want to say on the subject over the next few weeks and months; the team’s putting together a fantastic vision for the future of the magazine, and I’ll eventually want to talk about how we’re getting there. It’s inspiring to work with these folks, and I can assure you that we’ll be doing our best to continue the publication of articles and interviews to keep you informed and inspired as well.

While I'm on the subject, I should mention that we're still [looking for a Copy Chief][volunteer]. If you were correcting your kindergarten teacher's atrocious misuse of the semi-colon, and eat serial commas for breakfast, then we could use your help. [Give us a buzz][volunteer], our mailbox is always open.

Update: Kerri Hicks has joined the Digital Web as our new Copy Chief, replacing the excellent Jennie Robinson. The Chief is dead, all hail the Chief.